Pablo Díez Vigil
I'm a Computer Engineer and a Nature lover, specially trees and forest.
I'm also an amateur photographer trying to learn everyday. 
This site is a way to share my work with you.
I hope you like it.
Mentions & Exhibitions
* 2018 - Collective exhibition "Covadonga y su entorno". Centro Asturiano de Oviedo. Spain
* 2018 - Collective exhibition "I Premio Eurostars Lisboa, Winners". Lisboa
* 2018 - Áccesit. I Premio Eurostars Lisboa
* 2018 - Collective exhibition on tour "VI Premio Eurostars Madrid Tower, Winners". Spain
* 2018 - Áccesit. VI Premio Eurostars Madrid Tower
* 2013 - Collective exhibition "Asómbranos" (Instagram contest). Mad is Mad Gallery. Madrid
* 2012 - El País (Twitter contest). Mejores fotos de: JuegosRisasOrillasCurvas
* 2009 - First Runner-up. Galilean Nights. International Year of Astronomy Photo Contest
* 2009 - Collective exhibition "Foto Imaginaria 2009". Mercado Puerta de Toledo. Madrid
* 2009 - Finalista del jurado. Foto Imaginaria
Other photos in websites: Xataka
Thank you!
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